Alvaro Cabello abogado

Álvaro Cabello Martín

Bachelor of Law from the University of Granada, completed the Master in Consumer Law and Business taught by the University of Granada in 2016. Since 2014, also, makes training in Criminal Investigation by the School of Business Studies in Barcelona .

Lawyer collaborator with several Legal Offices of the province of Granada, among which the law firm Dimension Jurídica and the law firm Linares y Sánchez stand out. After a brief but intense stay in the Provincial Arbitration Board of Consumption of the Diputación de Granada, where it carries out the advice to the final consumer of products and services in defense of their Rights, as well as of the mercantiles adhered to the system of extrajudicial resolution of conflicts, is incorporated as a Founding Partner of Granaiuris Gestores, and since 2017, participates as an Associate in the Legal Department of Ballemar Consultores in the Province of Granada.

He has extensive experience in the legal sector, advising both individuals and companies. Its practice covers the full assessment and defense of General Law issues, both in the Criminal branch, in the area of ​​crimes, and in the field of Traffic, in matters concerning crimes against road safety, comprehensive management of traffic accidents, etc. Likewise, in civil matters, he has experience in the area of ​​debt claims, leases, rent claims, evictions, obligations and contracts, civil liability, family law, etc. It also has specialization in the defense of consumer rights, especially in the area of ​​abusive bank clauses, land clauses, mortgage expense claims, etc. It also has a wide participation in various contentious cases for property liability of the Administration, claims of quantity and various resources before disciplinary proceedings of the Public Administration.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Specialized Group on Environmental and Animal Law of the Bar Association of Granada, from where various training actions are implemented in the field and collaborates with the writing of articles for various media and specialized magazines.

Faithful to the iron defense for the Environment, it participates as an active member in the board of directors of the AGMADA Association, Granadinos Advocates for the Environment and Animal Rights, a specialized organization that provides services and collaborates with various associations that defend the environment environment and fauna, among which especially stands out, the "La Manada" Conservation Association.