Ballemar Consultores is a consultancy service in Marbella that has been created with the objective of providing consulting and advisory services to companies, professionals and individuals. Our experience guarantees to have the best advice that each case requires, thanks to that we get every day to have more customers happy and involved with Ballemar.

‘Ballemar Consultores is an expert firmin integral
consultancy to companies and professionals’



The great differentiation of Ballemar, your advice in Marbella, is the added value it offers its clients: Its integral character:

  • It covers the legal, tax, labor, accounting, human resources and corporate finance areas.
  • Its Business Administration Service: In Ballemar we want our clients to maximize their profits, so we absorb the administrative burden of the company, billing, control of payments and collections, etc.
  • The professional training of our team: We have highly qualified and constantly updated professionals with the support of the latest technologies.
  • Fiscal and Labor Planning: In Ballemar Consultores we make quarterly reports on tax matters with the objective of reducing the tax impact to a minimum and we study your company thoroughly in labor matters and can reduce the cost of social security of your employees up to 100%.
  • The flat rate: At Ballemar Consultores you will always know what you pay for your advice, no surprises, at the beginning of the business relationship, a price will be agreed that will be the same for the whole year regardless of the number of declarations or legal actions that we must execute.
  • Market Studies and Project Feasibility: Ensures the success of your business, we make your company more efficient and can compete in a privileged position with the competition.