Tomás Hernandez Las Palmas

Tomás Hernandez

Degree in finance, banking and insurance from the University of Madrid, in the year 2004 ends the Master in advice Attorney from companies in the higher school of enterprise studies (INSFORCAN S.A.). It also has the higher courses of mediator of insurance entitled (MINTS), prevention of money laundering (MINTS), Master of financial advisor by the centro de estudios superior Institute of banking practices and techniques. After spending five years in different departments of the Administration and accounting of national companies, in 2004 she joined as partner founder of Ofibanik Correduría de Seguros, which combines later in 2004 with Banesto, as financial agent, Managing a financial office for 10 years. With over 10 years of experience in the financial sector and more than 5 dedicated to advice from companies his practice covers employment counseling companies, financial, accounting and tax advice to professionals and freelancers and economic studies of the situation, plan of business and market research.